I broke one of my golden rules. I don't really regret it because I'm having fun but certainly it's been uncomfortable for some around.

I don't talk about politics unless the conversation is among people that I've known for some time and I know they respect what's said.

One of my work's friends shared an interview on his FB, all of the people that commented is part of a group of friends that fit the "I can talk about politics" category. However, there is one guy who I don't know (he works at the office too but have never met him) and is ruining everyone's fun. He is using troll tactics to make his points.

Thank God, being an Spike and Spuffy fan for years have given me tools to handle the troll. It's been fun to make him see his points are the product of anger more than brains but I know it's been uncomfortable for others who actually have the guy sitting next to them.

So, I will have to drop the subject which makes me sad.

I so need to get a new fandom to spend time on and avoid real life.

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