Writing my first entry of 2013 and see some changes on LJ's posting format. I'm very slow with this things, specially now that I don't have the time to come here as often.

Anyway, it's been a few months since I've posted here so New Year's best wishes go to each and every one of you. I know this should have said earlier (11 days ago) but better now than never.

My life is as boring as ever, got new responsibilities at work, spend some time stressing about them which lead me to a state of anxiety that would have let to medication but then I understood that it wasn't doing any good to me so I recovered and now I'm stress free.

Of course, some things do irritate me and my patience has slimmed down tons but I try to be positive and not let things affect me that much. Some things, specially human relations, are complex and people hardly change.

Said that, I'm in a good place now. Today is my first day at the office after two weeks at home enjoying the holidays. It's the first time, in two years, that I have really enjoyed them. I plan to spend more time away from the internet while at home and I plan to squeeze more time out of work for keeping in touch with people. I have missed the friendly community I know exists in here, and it's my fault that I have not organized myself to be around.

I have a few "online" resolutions I want to share:

1. Read more, I got a Kindle and I'm reading my first book there and have downloaded a second one. Will update my Goodread account.
2. Watch more TV shows, specially those I followed but had to let it go when Megaupload failed. I got a new laptop and got Netflix (though it looks like their selection is quite old). So I will have to rely again on those LJ communities to track what I've missed.
3. Being around on social networks to actually talk to people and not to play games (specially on FB), one of the things that affected me was that I spend 95% of my time on internet playing Farmville. I can play but without spending too much time there or the best thing would to delete that crap for good. I'm working on it.

Not so much but it's a start.

How are you guys?

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